Mainland High School
Blinding Light: ISTF 06-1439

Student Team Members
Marylynne A     Valerie A
Braxton B Cole B
Sean B Brian D
David F Jason F
Shan G Michael K
Sterling L Adam L
Brianna P Forrest R
Alexander S Alex S
Stephen S

Jason F

Opening Graphic
Braxton B

Product Graphics
Sean B

Student Editors
Valerie A, Sterling L

Students Career Interests
Architecture Marylynne A
Engineering Valerie A
Architecture Braxton B
Structural Engineering Cole B
Graphics Artist Sean B
Engineering Brian D
Conductor/Locomotive Engineer David F
Economist Jason F
Engineering Physics Shan G
Interactive Digital Media Michael K
Software Programmer Sterling L
Mechanical Engineer/Psychologist Adam L
Forensics Brianna P
Engineering Forrest R
Chemist Alexander S
Computer Hardware Engineering Alex S
Historical Architecture Stephen S

Mainland High School
1255 West International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

Technology Standard

Technical Application
Surface Treatments

Catharine H. Colwell
Physics Instructor
Scott Bay
Mathematics/Physics Instructor

Technical Advisors
Mr. Rob Vandal
Director of Advanced Product Development
Guardian Automotive Products

Dr. David C. Dobson
Photonic Researcher
University of Utah

Technical Support Specialist
Jeremy Blawn

Editorial Consultant
Naomi Weiss

Back row: Adam L, Forrest R, Alex S, Alexander S, David F, Stephen S, Shan G
Middle row: Brian D, Sean B, Michael K, Jason F, Valerie A, Marylynne A
Front row: Braxton B, Sterling L, Cole B (not pictured: Brianna P)

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