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Blinding Light: ISTF 06-1439
Human Factors

NHTSA: Vehicle Safety Rulemaking Priorities and Supporting Research (2003-2006)

NHTSA: Statistical Assessment of the Glare Issure - Human and Natural Elements

Traffic Collision Facts
 Biology of the Eye
20/20 online: Lens Choices Glare Busters

Access Excellence Classic Collection

Georgia State University

How Stuff Works: How Vision Works

Kimball's Biology Pages-Vision

Neuroscience of Kids - The Eye and Its Connections
 Component One
1David Clark Dobson
    email correspondence 4 February 2007 Nanostructured Materials - Properties and Applications

Berkley Lab Science Beat: Toward a New Generation of Energy-Efficient Windows - Transition-Metal Switchable Mirrors - Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology - Nanosystems: Molecular Machinery, Manufacturing, and Computation

Engineering and Physical Science Research Council

Free Patents Online: Solar Control Layered Coating For Glass Windows

Free Patents Online: Solar Windshield System

Free Patents Online: Method for Producing Large Area Antireflective Microtextured Surfaces

Guide to Semiconductor Physics: Photonic Crystals

Lighting Research Center: Researchers Examine How Headlight Glare May Affect Driving Behaviors and Roadway Safety

Liquid Crystal Displays

MacDermid Autotype OPTICAL FILMS$File/Autoflex Marag Data Sheet v 11.01.07.pdf$File/Autoflex MothEye Data Sheet v 11.01.07.pdf

Mesophotonics: Photonic Crystal LED's Design of the Month

Nanotechnology (hosted by Zyvex): There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom

Nanotechnology Now: History of Nanotechnology

NASDAQ: 2003 Carrot Capital Business Plan Challenge

National Science Foundation: Nanotechnology

Optics Report: Photonic Crystals May Make All-optical Lightwave Networks Possible

Polymers and Liquid Crystals: Applications of Liquid Crystals

Polymers and Liquid Crystals: Liquid Crystal Phases

Science Daily: Pressable Photonic Crystals Produce Full-colour Fingerprints and Promise Enhanced Security

UMass Magazine Online: The Lotus Leaf, the Moth's eye and Cars Than Clean Themselves

University of Bath, Department of Physics Research
 Component Two
1 Rob Vandal
  email correspondence 19 February 2007

AAAS Science: Beaming Light from a Subwavelength Aperature

AutoGlass Magazine

Coalition for Auto Glass Safety & Public Awareness

Electronics Information Online

Free PatentsOnline: Antireflective Coating and Method of Manufacturing


Guardian Industries

MacDermid AutoType, Inc Films

The National Glass Association

National Glass Association's Technical Institute

 Component Three
Rob Vandal
  1email correspondence 21 February 2007
  2email correspondence 21 February 2007

AutoGlass: Industry Statistics

BCC Research: Nanotechnology: A Realistic Market Assessment There are Tremendous Growth Prospects for the Nanotechnology Inductry that is Expected to Grow ... 2005 to 2007

Frost & Sullivan: Growth Opportunities in the Transportation Sector

Georgia Tech: Undergraduate Courses in Optics + Photonics

Larta: Small Science Has Big Opportunities

Niagara College: Bachelor of Applied Technology (Photonics)

North Carolina State: Materials Science and Engineering Courses

Research and Markets: Nanotechnology: Worldwide IC Market
 Eye Sensors
EyeCar Gives Every Size Driver a Commanding View of the Road

The New Volvo Safety Concept Car

Tribute to Volvo: Volvo Safety Concept Car

Volvo EyeCar - Advanced Safety Concept Car

Volvo EyeCar - Driver Visibility in Focus

Volvo Has Its Eye on Safety

Volvo: The Safety Concept Car
BJO Online: Why HID Headlights Bother Older Drivers

GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting

Lighting Tech: Bulb Types¤tpage=131

Motor Vehicle Lighting Council: LED Headlights

The Great Internet Light Bulb Book, Part I

Beginner's Guide: Specialty Light Bubs

Optical Building Blocks: Light Sources
 Light Intensity
Electro Optical Incorporated

The Lumen and the Lux
 Nanotechnologies: Liquid Crystals
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety: Countermeasures for Reducing the Effects of Headlight Glare

Google Patent Summary: Liquid Crystal Dispensing Apparatus #687 4662

Grafix Plastics: Product & Service Overview

Kent State University: Dichroic Ultraviolet Absorption of Thin Liquid Crystal Films

Materials Research Society: Electro-Optical Properties and Interfacial Charges in Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal Devices

Microscopy-UK: Gallery of Liquid Crystal Photomicrographs

Phillips Research: Liquid Crystal Helix Structures

World Technology Evaluation Center: Liquid Crystal Materials
 Nanotechnologies: Moth-eye Gratings
David Clark Dobson
  1 email correspondence 16 February 2007

Australian Museum Online: Summaries of papers by Dr. Andrew R. Parker


Holotools GmbH: Microstructure and nanostructure examples

Optics of the Neural Superposition Eye

Patent Storm: Method for Producing Large Area Antireflective Microtextured Surfaces

The Royal Society: Solar-Absorber Antireflector on the Eye of a Eocene Fly

Thomson Learning: (Lauralee Sherwood) Animal Physiology - Chapter 6: Sensory Physiology (pg 25)

University of Alcalá de Henares: Natural Photonic Engineers (pg 4) by Andrew R. Parker
 Nanotechnologies: Photonic Crystals
Guide to Semiconductor Physics: Photonic Crystals

How Stuff Works: how Semiconductors Work

The Joannopoulos Research Group at MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Photon Crystals Periodic Surprises in Electromagnetism


Optics Report



University of Bath, Department of Physics Research

University of Freiburg Department of Molecular and Optical Physics

University of Montpellier II: Hexagonal Structures
College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona: New Organic Infiltrants for 2-D and 3-D Photonic Crytals

IOP Electronic Journals: Photonic Crystal-Based Polarization Control Devices Polarizing Filter

Polarized Light
 Windshield Laws
Rob Vandal
  1email correspondence 2 February 2007

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - US DOT

Florida Statutes & Constitution: Title XXIII Motor Vehicles Chapter 316

ProMotorCar Inc

 Windshield Manufacturing
Rob Vandal
  1  email correspondence 19 February 2007
  2  email correspondence 19 February 2007

AYROX: PVB Treatment

How Products are Made: Automotive Windshield

Glass Association of North America: Float Glass Manufacturing Video

Pilkington: Automotive Products Processes

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