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Blinding Light: ISTF 06-1439
Team Assessment

A 100-word paragraph written by the team on what they experienced regarding teaming and communication (how it progressed between: students, students and the teacher, and students and the technical advisor).

In the beginning, everyone was allowed to brainstorm ideas about what the product should be. We communicated freely in the classroom during meetings using the Google mailing and chat system. Everyone had their own tasks; each of which benefited the group and related to the project. Microsoft InfoPath was used to organize everyone's research for the website. As the project solidified the need arose for outside communication. Mrs. Colwell contacted our technical advisors through emails which the team worked together to compose. She then shared their responses at each meeting.
A 100-word paragraph written by the team on what they experienced regarding research and innovation (what your team learned about researching and innovating a solution to a real world problem).
Since everyone was accustomed to using Google, that was the most used search engine.  Despite that familiarity, few members actually knew how to research without wasting their time. Learning to research involved presenting research in a formal structure appropriate for publication. With our project focusing on obscure research done primarily by academia, everyone had to become accustomed to reading and decoding perplexing scientific research that was mostly unfamiliar to us.  We learned to recognize that PDFs from industry are extremely useful for standards, pictures, and technical statistics. The necessary level of involvement from all of the team was overwhelming once we identified and committed to the specific technology related to this project.
Three lessons your team learned during the program.
  1. We learned to value teamwork and appreciate that even the smallest effort can yield worthwhile results.
  2. We learned how to perform effective internet research and how to document critical, functional source links.
  3. We learned that efficiency will speed up research and, ultimately, the progress and quality of the project.

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