Team Assessments

Prepare a 100-word paragraph from the team (to include input from the teacher, technical advisor and the students) on how teaming progressed throughout the program duration.

Like a hive full of bees, our team diligently worked week after week to create a solution to the real world problem of spent nuclear fuel. The basis of our teamís success was our excellent communication. Throughout our project, our team was able to relay new ideas effectively, which allowed us to synthesize ideas together to create our elegant solution. But unlike our communication, our teamwork could have been better. While our veteran members efficiently worked together, some of the newer members did not collaborate as well. Our team leader also found it infuriating that an assignment had to be distributed more than once. This caused frustration among members, and in turn, resulted in the team lagging behind in the overall project.

Prepare a 100-word paragraph from the team on what they learned about researching and innovating a solution to a real world problem throughout the program's duration.

Nuclear science is a very broad and in-depth subject to research. Our team had to gather a multitude of background information before we were even able to specify a product. It was difficult at times to find current information and we frequently found that we had to discard previous research due to a discovery of more updated data. Some of the information was not publicly available due to the danger associated with nuclear power. As we accumulated knowledge on nuclear technologies, we advanced towards being able to conceptualize our product. Our extensive investigations proved to be imperative in developing the unique twist that made our product original.

List three recommendations from the team (to include input from the teacher, technical advisor and the students) concerning lessons learned.

  1. Initially, our team believed research on this topic to be very complex and overwhelmingly time consuming, but as our project progressed to its later stages, we became research experts that were able to skim over irrelevant information to discover valuable knowledge.

  2. Procrastination was at one point in our development a primary issue, but as the dead line approached and mutual frustration grew, team members began taking the initiative to submit completed work in a timely manner.

  3. Communication between team members is essential for success. We often found that unless we worked together, progress was going to go slower, much slower. In order to become more efficient in our work, we quickly adapted to become a team that could accumulate knowledge together and move towards a common goal.

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