Archimedes Filter Technology

Archimedes Filter Plant Remote Maintenance System Design

Archimedes Plasma Mass Filter

Archimedes Plasma Mass Filter


Component 1

A Reactor That Burns Depleted Fuel Emerges as a Potential 'Game Changer'

A nuclear battery the size and thickness of a penny

About CCFE: Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

About FAR-TECH, Inc.

Archimedes Plasma Mass Filter

Archimedes Plasma Mass Filter Conference Proceedings

Argonne Research History

Atomic battery

B&W To Open mPower Testing Facility In Bedford County, Virginia

B&W to Locate State-of-the-Art Testing Facility in Bedford County, Va.

B&W to build mPower test facility

Backgrounder on the Three Mile Island Accident

Biography of Enrico Fermi

Chernobyl Nuclear Accident

Cold War

Department of Energy: Grant Applications Selected For FY 2007 Awards

FY11 Research and Development Awards

Fossil Fuels


IEEE Spectrum: Nuclear Reactor Renaissance

ITER systems remote handling design project well underway

Improving Human Health

Location of Projected New Nuclear Power Reactors

New funding fuels TerraPower

Nimitz class Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

Nuclear power: Energy from splitting Uranium atoms

Nuclear-Powered Ships

Plasma Mass Filter Patent

Remote Handling Patent

Remote Handling Systems

Resonant Nuclear Battery

Shrinking Reactors

Siemens Brings Together Magnetic Resonance and Positron Emission Tomography Into One Machine

Space Pictures - Space Probes/Cassini Spaceprobe Construction

Spacecraft Power for Cassini

Spent Nuclear Fuel Separation with the Archimedes Plasma Mass Filter

State of the Union 2011

TerraPower Home

TerraPower Leadership

TerraPower: How The Traveling Wave Nuclear Reactor Works

The Atomic Battery

The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II

The Babcock & Wilcox Company plans to deploy the B&W mPower™ reactor

USS Triton

Component 2

7th International Meeting on NPIC & HMIT 2010

About IEE Nuclear and Plamsa Sciences Society

About IEEE

B&W Awarded $2.0 Billion Naval Nuclear Reactor Components Contract

Columbia Site

Commercial Nuclear Plant Components: Reactor Vessels

Commercial Nuclear Plant Components: Spent Fuel Dry Storage Containers

Commercial Nuclear Plant Components: Steam Generators

Conferences of the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

Core Engineering


History - Siemens Global Website

IEEE Mission & Vision

Modular Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

Siemens USA

Specialty Metals Plant

The Babcock & Wilcox Company

The History of Siemens – From Workshop to Global Player

The World’s First Nuclear Merchant Ship – NS Savannah

Western Zirconium Plant

Westinghouse AP1000: On schedule for 2013

Westinghouse Announces its Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Design

Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC

Windsor Fuel Components Facility

Component 3

California Institute of Technology

Economic Benefits of Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station: An Economic Impact Study by the Nuclear Energy Institute

Economic, Employment and Environmental Benefits of Renewed U.S. Investment in Nuclear Energy

Michigan Engineering: Letter From the Chair

Uranium Purchased by Owners and Operators of U.S. Civilian Nuclear Power Reactors

Current Reactor Designs

Advanced light-water reactor development in the United States

Boiling Water Reactor (BWR)

Carnot Efficiency

Fast Nutron Reactors and Energy Dependence

Fuel Assembly Manufacturing

GE Energy - New Reactors

Gas Cooled Reactors

Heavy Water

Heavy Water Reactor

Making Bombs from Nuclear Waste

NRC Glossary: Thermal Reactor

Nuclear Chemistry - Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear energy: principles, practices, and prospects

RBMK Reactor

Reactors, Cores & Reactor Vessels

The Moderation of Fission Reactions

Thermal, epi-thermal and fast reators

Types of Nuclear Power Plants – Gas Cooled Reactors

Types of Nuclear Power Plants – Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR)

Types of Nuclear Reactors

Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC

What is a Fast Reactor

What is water vapor?

Economics of Nuclear Energy

Archimedes Plasma Mass Filter

Chattanooga: Nuclear plants could prove bright spot

Coal Combustion: Nuclear Resource or Danger

Coal and Jobs in the United States

Cost of Nuclear Power

Cost of oil falls amid Wall Street, China worries

EIA Frequently Asked Questions

Economics of Nuclear Power

Electricity: Benefits/Effects,Benefits_%5E_Effects

FPL Energy announces agreement to purchase Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant

How much coal is required to run a 100-watt light bulb 24 hours a day for a year?

Manpower Requirements in the Nuclear Power Industry, 1982-1991

Natural Gas Prices

Natural Gas Production by Country

Nonrenewable Natural Gas

Nonrenewable Oil(petroleum)

Nuclear Power Plants Set Reliability, Output Records in 2002, Industry Tells Wall Street

Pros and cons of nuclear power

The costs of nuclear energy

World Coal Association

History of Nuclear Energy

20th Annual POWER-GEN International

About the International Atomic Energy Agency

Albert Einstein Biography

Backgrounder on the Three Mile Island Accident

Bettis lab gave Pittsburgh a place in history of nuclear power

Brian Cox

Chernobl Nuclear Accident

Cold War

Conceptual Design of Yucca Mountain Disposal Plan

Early Experiments in Atomic Structure

Enrico Fermi Biography

Geneva Conventions

History Center: Los Alamos National Lab

History of USS NAUTILUS (SSN 571)

History of the Van de Graaff Generator

James Chadwick Biography

Jan 7, 1953: Truman Announces U.S. Has Developed Hydrogen Bomb

Julius Robert Oppenheimer Biography

Leo Szilard Biography

Lise Meitner Biography

Majority of IAEA countries vote to express concern on Israeli nukes

Manhattan Project

Milestones:Westinghouse Atom Smasher, 1937

NRC: Our History

Nuclear Power - History

Nuclear Technologies History Part 4 - Peacetime Use

Nuclear Technologies History Part 5 - Power Plants

Nuclear Technologies Timeline

On This Day: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Melts Down

On the Law of Distribution of Energy in the Normal Spectrum

Oppenheimer and The Manhattan Project: Insights Into J Robert Oppenheimer, Father Of The Atomic Bomb

Radioactive Waste

Radioisotopes in Medicine

Spring 2003 Center for History of Physics Newsletter

Stock Photography: Fallout Shelter Sign

Summer of '69

The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II: A Collection of Primary Sources

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1911: Marie Curie

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1903: Antoine Henri Becquerel

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1903: Marie Curie

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1903: Pierre Curie

Timeline of the Nuclear Age: 1932

Timeline of the Nuclear Age: 1934

Timeline of the Nuclear Age: 1938

Timeline of the Nuclear Age: 1942

Timeline of the Nuclear Age: Atomic Discovery


USS Triton (SSN 586)

Which Countries Have Nuclear Power

Why the French Like Nucleaer Energy

Yucca Mounatin Nuclear Waste Dump Dead

Yucca Mountain

New Generation Reactors

A New Paradigm for Power Generation


Advanced Boiling Water Reactor

Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors

Advanced Recycling Center

Burns and Roe Awarded Conceptual Design of the TP-1 Reactor Plant

Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems

Generation IV Nuclear Reactors

High Fidelity Nuclear Energy System Optimization Towards an Environmentally Benign, Sustainable, and Secure Energy Source

Hyperion Power Generation Reactor Design

Hyperion Unveils Design of its Small Modular Nuclear Reactor

Hyperion to build small modular reactor at Savannah River

Ideal Brayton Cycle

Introducing Traveling-Wave Reactors

Next Generation Nuclear Plant

Next Generation Nuclear Plant Project


Nuclear Power Plant Fuel

Nuclear Reactor Renaissance

Nuclear energy to go: A self-contained, portable reactor

Pressurized Water Reactor

Review of Toshiba 4S Sodium-Cooled Nuclear Power Reactor

Safe, modular, scalable nuclear power generation

Shaw and Westinghouse Hit Milestone

Small Nuclear Power Reactors

TR10: Traveling-Wave Reactor

TerraPower Update

The Element Uraniuim

The Energy Blog

The Very-High-Temperature Reactor


Under The Hood With Duncan Williams - GE Hitachi's PRISM Reactor

Under the Hood With Duncan Williams - Toshiba 4S

Uranium Enrichment


Nuclear Agencies and Regulations

Agreement State Links

Agreement State Program

Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (AEA)

Clean Air Act

Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant: Ohio Citizen Action

Energy Policy Act of 1992

Getting a Radiation Emitting Product to Market

Government Agencies for Radioactive and Nuclear Regulation

HSS Clean Water Act

Laws We Use: Overview

Laws We Use: Summaries

OAS: A Partnership in Radioactive Material Regulation

Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management

Organization of American States

Our Governing Legislation

Regulation of Radioactive Materials

Responsibilities of the Department of Defense

Standards for the Protection Against Radiation

Summary of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act

Summary of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Summary of the Safe Drinking Water Act

The Department of Defense

The Department of Energy

The Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Transportation

The Environmental Protection Agency

The Food and Drug Administration

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Transportation of Radioactive Materials

Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act of 1978, United States,_United_States

Nuclear Power in the Public Eye

1971 - 1984: Years of Challenge

American Wasteland

Backgrounder on the Three Mile Island Accident

Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant accident 1996

Electric Power Industry 2009: Year in Review

Introduction to Nuclear

Lessons for reactor safety and disaster management

Model of Fuel Elements for the Obninsk APS-1 Reactor

Nuclear Power in the USA

Nuclear power is true 'green' energy

Obninsk Reactor - 40 Year Anniversary (1994)

Overview of health consequences

Overview: Yucca Mountain Project

Shippingport Nuclear Power Station (1958)

Shippingport nuclear powerplant

Technical data on the reactor

The explosion of the reactor

Three Mile Island Emergancy: Timeline

Three Mile Island: The Inside Story

Yucca Mountain

Nuclear Reactor Basics

Components of Nuclear Power Plant - Control Rods

Control Rod

Cooling Towers

Davis Besse Control Rod Drive Open Access Hatch View

How Nuclear Power Works

Join 2 Green: Thermal Pollution

Nuclear Power Plant Fuel

Nuclear Reactor - Control Rods

Nuclear Reactor - Reactor Core

Pollution Issues: Thermal Pollution

The Fuel Tests under Simulated Reactivity-Initiated-Accident Conditions in the NSRR

Thermal Pollution

Processing Radioactive Materials

Advanced Recycling Center - Solving the Used Nuclear Fuel Dilemma

Argonne's pyroproccessing technology

DIAMEX Solvent Behavior under Continuous Degradation and Regeneration Operations

Demonstration of a SANEX Process

Demonstration of the UREX Solvent Extraction Process with Dresden Reactor Fuel


Fractional crystallization

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Advanced Recycling Center

GE Hitachi Press Release

Gas Centrifuge Uranium Enrichment

NRC: Uranium Enrichment

NRC: Uranium Enrichment

Nuclear Waste Management using Electrometallurgical Technology

Nuclear engineering handbook

PUREX process

Processing of Used Nuclear Fuel

Radiation Chemistry of Acetohydroxamic Acid in the UREX Process

Uranium Hexafloride (UF6)

Uranium: Its Uses and Hazards

What Is Enriched Uranium?

Radioactive Basics


Compton Scattering

E-4 UNF Dry Storage

E-4 UNF Wet Storage

Fission Fragment Example

Fuel Assembly Manufacturing

Fuel Fabrication

Gamma Rays Interaction with Matter

Geant4 to simulate Photoelectric, Compton, andPair production Events

Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation and Matter

Interaction of Radiation with Matter

Interaction of gamma radiation with matter

Introduction to Nuclear Power

Nuclear Chemistry Worksheet #2: Energies of Nuclear Reactions

Nuclear Chemistry: Uranium Production

Pair Production

Photoelectric Effect

Processing: from ore to “yellow cake”

Radioactive Decay

Radioactive Equalibrium


Supply of Uranium

Uranium Radiation Properties

Remote Handling

Advanced Servo Manipulator

Conveyor Systems

Gantry Robot

General Purpose Servo-Manipulator for Remote Maintenance of Accelerators

History of Telemanipulator Development

PAR Systems

Pallet Conveyors

Robotics and Remote Systems

Uses of Radiation

#3 Cesium is not of vast economic importance.

Applications of Caesium-137 in Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Studies


Commercial Purposes of Strontium-90

Electron mobility in semiconductors


How Semiconductors Work

How Semiconductors Work

How long do solar panels last?

List of Radioactive Elements

Medical Uses


Nuclear battery keeps going, and going ...

Physics of Uranium and Nuclear Energy

Physics of Uranium and Nuclear Energy


Science: New Atomic Battery,9171,723820,00.html


Smoke Detectors and Americium-241


The Atomic Battery

Tiny 'nuclear batteries' unveiled

Tiny atomic battery developed at Cornell could run for decades unattended, powering sensors or machines

Uses of Cesium-137

What is Betavoltaics?

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