Mainland High School
Lord of the Trash Rings: ISTF 09-2004
Student Team Members
Cole B     Charlie C
Travis D Devin F
Becky G Evan I
Kelsey J Dakota L
Rima N Forrest R
Taylor R Frank S
Eugene S Carlos V
Garrett Z

Website Graphic
Tiffany Ferguson

Product Graphics
Frank S, Charlie C, Cole B

Student Editors
Carlos V. Eugene S, Kelsey J, Devin F, Juli Brown

Garrett Z

Editorial Consultant
Marylynne Allen

Students Career Interests
Bridge Engineer Cole B
Musician Charlie C
Plasma Physicist Travis D
Engineer Devin F
Nurse Becky G
Chemical Engineer Evan I
Robotics Engineer Kelsey J
Astrophysicist Dakota L
Chiropractor Rima N
Naval Architecture Forrest R
Music Management Taylor R
Computer Science Eugene S
Nuclear Engineer Frank S
Robotics Engineer Carlos V
Particle Physicist Garrett Z

Mainland High School
1255 W. International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

Technology Standard
Environmental Quality

Technical Application
Pollution Control
Physical Separation

Catharine H. Colwell
Physics Instructor
Scott Bay
Mathematics/Physics Instructor
William Hilburn
Mathematics/Physics Instructor

Norton Smith
Whole Systems Foundation

Mr. Micheal Friend
Advanced Programs Coordinator
Pima Comunity College

Miriam Goldstein
Chief Scientist

Doug Woodring
Founder and Researcher
Kaisei Project

Technical Support Specialist
Jeremy Blawn

Elevated: Charlie C        Seated Carlos Z
Front row: Becky, G, Taylor R, Rima N, Cole B, Kelsey J, Garrett Z
Back row: Devin F, Eugene S, Forrest R, Frank S, Dakota L, Evan I
(Not pictured: Travis D)

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