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Lord of the Trash Rings: ISTF 09-2004
Team Assessments
Prepare a 100-word paragraph from the team (to include input from the teacher, technical advisor and the students) on how teaming progressed throughout the program duration,
When it came to communication and teamwork our meetings were our primary means of dissimination. The processes we used were breaking down specific responsibilities, a briefing of the individual accomplishments since the previous meeting, and an evaluation of the current state of the project from our advisers. Communication with our teachers helped us more efficiently complete our research so that we could broaden our skills as individuals. When we were not gathered together, we used Google Documents to share information. Another great aspect of our team's camaraderie was the ability to have one member compensate for another's weakness in the design and/or writing assignments.
Prepare a 100-word paragraph from the team on what they learned about researching and innovating a solution to a real world problem throughout the program's duration,
With this project and like all projects, completing required research was the most critical factor. This year's project put our research skills to the test. Though the research was at times difficult we were able to rise the the challenge and find our individual areas that we were most interested in. Besides researching a multitude of sources, we had to find innovative solutions to our design problems through pure ingenuity. Throughout the weeks, we met every Wednesday to brainstorm, create, and refine our ideas. We learned that any ideas that were presented during a meeting, no matter how ridiculous they may have seemed, needed to be acknowledged and further researched because sometimes those same ideas might be the solution to the problem, as they often turned out to be.
List three recommendations from the team (to include input from the teacher, technical advisor and the students) concerning lessons learned.
  1. No project this size is ever completed by the effort of a single individual; it can only be accomplished through the collaboration of a team.
  2. It is important to research information using multiple sites to verify facts. While researching a topic it is imperative to cross reference web sites to confirm the validity of a source. The appropriate use of information is what lead the team to accomplish and fully understand our goals.
  3. Edward Young once said that "procrastination is the thief of time." In accepting an assignment, it is vital that each team member remains committed to its completion. It is very important that every member completes their assigned tasks on time or else it will be left unfinished and need to be done by someone else. It is paramount that research topics utilize each individual's strengths as well as their preferences.

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