This activity was developed by a student or students at Mainland High School which is located in Daytona Beach, FL.   It is still a "work in progress" with editing and improvements yet to come.

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A paper car will be constructed from index cards or manila folders to enter in the MHS Twin 125. (inches)


Size: The car can be no longer than 5 inches, wider than 3 inches or higher than 3 inches.
Wheels: Must be made from same materials as the car.
Axles: Straws or tightly rolled index cards or manila folders can be used.

CONSTRUCTION:    The car may be glued or taped together. Wheel attachment is a key to success. If you use tacks or pins, it may not be very sturdy and could create problems. Making a box only slightly larger than the straw and attaching it underneath the car will hold the axles in place. **CLUE** There is a way to keep your wheels on without glue or tape!

REMINDER - This is a competition and security of design will be to your advantage.


1. Make a school drawing of the vehicle you are to build. Remember to create
    it as aerodynamic as possible -  rounded rather than boxy. You may want to
    add spoilers, etc. to promote wind resistance. Please indicate measurements
    used for the following dimensions: overall height, height from ground to
    bottom, overall length, length from front to front wheel base,  length
    between two wheels, length from rear wheel base to rear, front width, and
      rear width. You will need to copy this drawing prior to cutting to submit
      to receive credentials for the race. (Suggestion: it may be easier to assemble
     if tabs are left at intervals which can then be folded and glued together.


2. Purchase raw materials and keep ledger of costs on form provided.
                      $100 per index card
                      $300 per half for manila folders
                      $10 per inch for tape
                      $200 per straw
                      $100 labor - per class period - per student
                      $50 rental of scissors
                      $50 rental of ruler
                      $20 rental of hole punch
                      $100 per penny used for weight
                      $50 rental of glue
                      $10 per thumb tack
                      $20 per straight pen


3. Construct vehicle



1. Daily journal of work. Please use word processing program on computer (WORD) to maintain this record. Please date each journal and outline all work planned to be completed. Include any problems encountered or anticipated. Indicate how your group functioned.
2. Ledger of all material costs. Use EXCEL program to maintain this record.
3. Scale drawing of design.



Artistic Design
Color Scheme
Fastest - flat course
Fastest - sloped course
Most cost effective
Highest production cost
Closest in design to the maximum size
Smallest in design
Most unique axle configuration
Best wheels
Best scale drawing
Most descriptive journal entries

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