This activity was developed by a student or students at Mainland High School which is located in Daytona Beach, FL.   It is still a "work in progress" with editing and improvements yet to come.

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You are in charge of scheduling people to work in the concession stand at the state-wide soccer tournament for the next two weekends. Create a schedule that will satisfy the guidelines below and present it in an organized manner, both to the owner of the stand and to each of the workers.

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1. The concession stand is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the two Saturdays, and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the two Sundays.

2. There may be one, or two, or three people working in the stand at any one time, depending on how busy you think the stand will be.

3. You can pay workers $4.25 per hour; Workers should work no more than one shift per day.

4. Your total budget for paying workers for the four days is $350.00, although you don't have to spend it all.

5. If possible, in their different shifts, people should work with different co-workers; every worker does not have to work each day.


Your completed work will include:

  • A schedule for the four days (two Saturdays and Sundays) with the shifts identified, and the number of workers for each shift, or some combination of these.
  • The number of workers for each shift, reflecting how busy you think the concession stand will be.
  • The total number of workers you will need.
  • A budget for paying the workers.
  • A written description of why you think your schedule is a good one.


    There are many possible solutions to this problem. A possible solution is presented below.


Number of workers:

Saturday Sunday


Hourly Rate

Total pay

Total for both weekends

9-11 AM







11 AM -1 PM







1-3 PM







3-5 PM







5-7 PM












Scoring Guide


Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four

Organization and Planning

No organization or plan in evidence. A rudimentary plan used, but inadequate to the complexity of the situation. Information is organized and plan is used to create a schedule. Organization and planning reflect a highly systematic approach.
Mathematical Accuracy Many computational errors made. Some computational errors, but allowing largely for accurate conclusions. Virtually no computational errors, with accurate conclusions. In addition, the schedules and budget reflect reasonable assumptions about the situation.
Explanation Little or no explanation, or impossible to follow Explanation attempted, but difficult to follow. Explanation fairly clear, but thinking processes not always easy to follow. Explanation very clear, and thinking processes easy to follow.


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