This activity was developed by a student or students at Mainland High School which is located in Daytona Beach, FL.   It is still a "work in progress" with editing and improvements yet to come.

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Write an algebraic expression using a, b, and c, for each of the following word phrases. Write the expression for the first exercise in square 1, the expression for the second excerise in square 2, and so on.

Once you have completed all nine exercises, you will have discovered the magic square formula - the sums of all horizontal, vertical, and diagonal squares are the same number.

1. The difference between a and b
2. The sum of a and b, minus c
3. a increased by c
4. The sum of a, b, and c
5. Just a
6. a diminished by the sum of b and c
7. a decreased by c
8. The sum of a and c, less b
9. b added to a

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Now that you know the secret, substitute numbers for a, b, and c.

For instance, if a = 9, b = 5, and c = 2, the magic the sum is ___________.

If a =__________, b =__________, c =__________, the magic sum is __________.

If a =__________, b =__________, c =__________, the magic sum is __________.

If a =__________, b =__________, c =__________, the magic sum is __________.


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